About Us

We are group of European and Asian guys who understand needs of confidentiality. HIV solutions like PrEP, PEP and ARV require commitment and its often difficult to manage everything by yourself. Whether its a possible infection, need of prophylaxis or modern treatment here we are to help you.

We are group of peoples who understand that sometimes its extremely difficult to organize everything with confidentiality level and in timely manner. Here we can step in.

Our aim is to deliver best available solutions of contra HIV in market to places where its difficult or impossible to get them. Some policy maker are slow and other doesn’t care enough to tackle HIV issues. In some cases shame and stigma contribute to HIV infection’s and AIDS related deaths. We believe that PrEP, PEP and ARV should be available to anyone as long as treatment is consulted through medical professionals. 

In most of the countries outside US and EU HIV negative HIV status is required to get job, study or to continue residence. PEP and PrEP is to keep your future safe. You can find more resources about HIV travel and residency or visa status at http://www.hivtravel.org

We are using direct “hand to hand” delivery method and domestic delivery service where applicable. That’s why we can guarantee that medicine you need will be on time in your hand. And no questions will be asked through any third parties.

Contact us for further information’s at hello@deliveryprep.com.

If You are ready to request delivery you may click button, provide us some details and relax. We will back to you shortly.